Powerful Verbs

Here is a list of powerful verbs to aid your writing.

To appear – to arrive, to come, to crop up, to develop, to emerge, to materialize, to occur, to pop up, to present, to show up, to surface, to turn up, to arise, to attend, to expose, to loom, to spring, to bob up, to break through

To attract – to appeal, to captivate, to draw, to engage, to entice, to fascinate, to interest, to intrigue, to allure, to lure, to bait, to beckon, to beguile, to bewitch, to charm, to court, to enchant, to endear, to enthrall, to entrance, to grab, to hook, to induce, to magnetize, to pull, to score, to seduce, to solicit, to spellbind, to tempt, to wow

To beg – to ask, to beseech, to implore, to plead, to pray, to urge, to abjure, to advocate, to besiege, to canvas, to conjure, to desire, to entreat, to importune, to invoke, to nag, to petition, to press, to requisition

To breathe – to exhale, to inhale, to sigh, to expire, to gasp, to gulp, to pant, to puff, to respire, to snort, to sniff

To cheer – to delight, to encourage, glee, joy, optimism, to animate, to comfort, exuberance, gaiety, geniality, gladness, hilarity, hopefulness, jauntiness

To damage – to blow, to bruise, to cause harm, catastrophe, to corrupt, to destruct, to devastate, to disturb, to impair, to pollute, to suffer, to wound, to afflict, to bane, to blemish, to break, to debase, to depreciate, to deprive, to detriment, to inflict, to knockout, to mar, to mutilate, to outrage, to ravage, to ruin, to spoil, to waste, to wreck, to wrong

To deceive – to betray, to cheat, to circumvent, to defraud, to delude, to disappoint, to dupe, to entrap, to falsify, to fool, to hoodwink, to swindle, to trick, to victimize, to bamboozle, to beat, to beguile, to cozen, to ensnare, to fake, to fleece, to gauge, to hoax, to humbug, to hook, to outwit, to rob, to scam, to screw, to skin

To explain – to analyze, to clarify, to define, to demonstrate, to describe, to disclose, to expound, to illustrate, to interpret, to justify, to point out, to resolve, to reveal, to spell out, to tell, to annotate, to construct, to decipher

To grab – to capture, to catch, to clutch, to grasp, to grip, to seize, to snag, to snatch, to take, to collar, to hook, to land, to snare

To heal – to alleviate, to fix, to improve, to mend, to rebuild, to reconcile, to regenerate, to rehabilitate, to rejuvenate, to repair, to restore, to revive, to settle, to soothe, to treat, to harmonize

to laugh – to chuckle, to giggle, to grin, to howl, to roar, to scream, to shriek, to snicker, to snort, to whoop, to burst, to chortle

to mourn – to ache, to agonize, to bemoan, to complain, to cry, to deplore, to fret, to grieve, to lament, to moan, to regret, to sob, to wail, to weep, to yearn, to anguish, to bewail, to blubber, to hurt, to languish, to miss, to pine, to sigh, sorrow, to suffer, to be brokenhearted

to prepare – to arrange, to assemble, to brace, to develop, to draw up, to equip, to form, to formulate, to gird, to make, to plan, to produce, to provide, to qualify, to ready, to strengthen, to supply, to train, to adapt, to adjust, to anticipate, to appoint, to coach, to concoct, to construct, to contrive, to cook, to dispose, to endow, to fabricate, to fashion, to fit 

to receive – to accept, to collect, to draw, to earn, to gain, to get, to hear, to hold, to make, to obtain, to pick up, to pocket, to reap, to secure, to seize, to take, to win, to acquire, to admit, to apprehend, to appropriate, to arrogate, to assume, to catch, to derive, to gather, to grab, to catch, to derive, to gather, to procure, to pull, to redeem, to snag

To run – to race, to rush, to sprint, to canter, to bound, to dart, to dash, to jog, to gallop, to lope, to pace, to scamper, to scuttle, to tear, to trot

to say – to add, to announce, to answer, to assert, to claim,to convey, to declare, to deliver, to disclose, to estimate, to express, to mention, to repeat, to reply, to report, to respond, to reveal, to speak, to state, to tell, to voice, to affirm, to allege, to communicate, to divulge, to gab, to guess, to imagine, to imply, to judge, to perform, to pronounce, to recite, to rehearse, to relate, to remark

to terrify – to alarm, to appall, to awe, to dismay, to frighten, to horrify, to intimidate, to petrify, to shock, to startle, to stun, to terrorize, to chill, to freeze, to fright, to paralyze, to spook, to stupefy, to scare

To walk – to wander, to amble, to roam, to stroll, to strut, to step, to stretch, to tread, to traipse

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Image sourced from Pixabay.



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