How to Keep Writing

Here are my top tips for how to motivate yourself to keep on writing. 

Writer’s block

◘ We all have those days where we hit a brick wall with our writing or we feel too tired. However, these days don’t have to stifle creativity. If you’re not in the mood for writing then the best thing to do is to work on what I call the ‘ad hoc’ stuff. This could be opening a new word document and sketching out the next chapter plotline, planning the setting for the next chapter, outlining the next few chapters, playing around with editing what you have already written. This way you are actively contributing to your writing goals without actually having to properly write anything that particular day. 


◘ Eat and drink well whilst you are writing. This may sound like a strange tip but munching on snacks and staying hydrated will mean that you are less likely to stop your writing to go and get food/drink. Also, the mental energy you use when you are writing has to come from somewhere, Fuel your mental energy well with healthy snacks and plenty of fluids. (I’m not going to tell you what to eat as I am not a healthcare professional.)


◘ Don’t write at a set time every day. A lot of writers out there tell you to schedule your writing every day, in order to make sure you are consistent I would argue that this curbs your creativity and also can make writing monotonous. Writing should be spontaneous. Then not only is it more enjoyable but you are also less likely to get writer’s block if you only write when you feel like it, rather than the same time every day. 


◘ Don’t be afraid to scrap whole chapters, chunks or pages of writing. A lot of writers bash their heads against the wall trying to make a piece of writing work and then they find it hard to motivate themselves to write. If something isn’t working and you’ve tried your best to make it work then discard it. This way you can then begin working on something fresh and exciting that will quench your enthusiasm. 

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