How to Write a Creature Description 

In my previous post on How to Write a Character Description, I put forward my argument that is it better to show what a character looks like through storytelling rather than simply diving into a stand-alone description. It is the basic rule of character description and the same rule applies to describing creatures. 

When describing a creature you definitely need some incredible adjectives and powerful verbs.  The only thing left to do is to continue your storytelling naturally and interject fantastic description. 


The dragon was big and strong, It had a huge head, large nostrils and a lumpy nose. It had expansive wings that stretched out in front of its legs. Its scales were a deep red and seemed to glow in the sunlight. Its eyes were round and a dark blue that contrasted with its fierceness.  


As Emily approached, she was drawn to the dragon’s glistening scales. Its entire body was burnished in a molten red, that shimmered and shook with its every breath. Heavily, the creature turned its gargantuan neck to one side, eyeing up the fresh prey before it. Emily shuffled closer an inch at a time, paying heed not to gaze directly into its pooling eyes. It was said that a human’s soul could be lost in the sapphire depths of a dragon’s eyes.

Its muscles were rigid and ginormous, containing enough force to knock out an entire army of humans. Disgustingly, oozing, ashen snot dribbled from both of its nostrils, an after product of producing jets of fire. Emily almost fell over her own feet as the dragon without warning reared onto its hind legs, exposing and unfurling its gleaming, golden wings. An enormous gust of wind swept Emily off her feet as the creature flapped its wings to the beat of its heart – a warning not to come any closer – or face a fiery death. 

I’m not claiming that this is a perfect character description but you can see how cementing a description of a creature within your storytelling is a much more enchanting experience for the reader than simply telling them what the creature looks like. It also enables for a snippet of worldbuilding! Use my word bank for describing magical creatures.

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Image sourced by Pixabay.

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